Training and Knowledge: How to keep your security team’s skills up to scratch

Keeping your security team’s skills refined, sharp, and alert allows you to better look after the security and safety of your event, building, worksite or personnel. On top of existing security licenses, regular training should be undertaken by your security team to make sure they are performing at their best.  

It is essential that your team knows how to handle any situation that occurs and is prepared beyond basic license training. These skills need to be updated so that your team can develop and continue to provide expert security services to your clients.  

There are a number of security training companies that offer advanced training involving crowd control, situation management, real-world training, and leadership skill training for personnel. Training is run to enhance the skills of our team by adding to the vast experience of our guards. Advanced training should always be your first option to keep your security team well trained and equipped with the right knowledge. Here are some other things you can do to keep your security performing well: 

Encourage your team  

Putting challenges in place for your security personnel and management team encourages better performance and delivers better results for your clients. Common ways to encourage your team may be through “Team Member of the Month” or “Manager of the Month” challenges. You can acknowledge and support the integral team members that showed intuition or performed well when facing a challenge. By awarding this, other team members will strive to do better in their roles.  

Maintain and upgrade your equipment 

One of a security team’s most important assets is its communications and equipment. Making sure that your team is able to function without difficulty faced by equipment not working can be easily assured by maintaining and upgrading all your security equipment at regular intervals. Purchasing your security equipment from retailers such as Enforcer Gear and Legear is the best way to keep your team working efficiently.  


Using inductions for team members to new buildings, sites, venues or events is a way to give your security team the knowledge they need to ensure they are able to keep the location safe and secure. Doing a simple walkthrough, showing all entrance and exit points as well as any blind spots and possible areas of concern will vastly improve the ability of your team to respond to events that might occur.  

It is important to reiterate that keeping your team properly trained should always be the first thing you do when looking to keep your team’s security skills sharp.

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