5 tips to keep your business secure

The best way to keep your business safe is by putting the proper precautions in place. These simple but effective solutions will be the best way to protect your business.  

Any number of things can happen to your business, and it is important to be prepared for any circumstance. These are the top tips for keeping your business safe.  

Test all your equipment on a monthly basis 

Ensure to test all your essential safety systems on the last Monday of the month such as security cameras, access control system, fire alarms, and all other auxiliary systems and equipment. This will allow you to complete any repairs, updates, or adjustments you need to make before your month of trading. 

Display security signage outside and throughout your business 

It’s important to provide visual determents around your business to prevent attacks or robbery of your business. Signs for fences, windows, doors, and other entrances surrounding your business. Displaying this signage that a trusted security company will be effective in the mitigation of any threat to your business. 

Hide valuables away  

Keep all valuables out of sight. Be aware of what can be seen from the street in your business. If there are any high-value items, merchandise, or equipment – hide them away safely. This may include putting in locked storage, a safe, or hiding bulky objects with drop sheets. Don’t make your business an easy target for smash and grab thieves.


Using lighting to protect your business is a key way you can deter thieves from staking out or robbing your business. Using powerpoint timers connected to light lights inside can be purchased inexpensively. This will ensure that your well-lit business is safe from possible intruders.  

Lock and alarm 

Whenever you aren’t inside your venue, double lock all entry points and set alarms to ensure entry is not going to be possible. If a break-in occurs, you will be prepared and have a security team ready to intervene.  

  • Lock your computer screens when away from the computer 
  • Change your passwords regularly  
  • Ensure you close with another staff member 
  • Alternate which way you lock up, so you do not become predictable  
  • Patrol different routes each time 
  • If you have a register, leave the tray open to show there is not any money present  
  • Ensure you have insurance  
  • Ensure you and your staff are trained on theft and robbery  

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